Internal Assets - San Andreas Police Department.

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Internal Assets - San Andreas Police Department.

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General Equipment, Kevlar Vest
The Kevlar Vest protects all the Los Santos Police Department's officers lives on a daily basis whilst on regular patrol duty.

The Kevlar vest is used by every LSPD officer to protect his or her vital organs from bullets. The vest is worn on the torso and it reduces the impact of small-arms fire and shotgun pellets; It also stops shrapnel from hand grenades. If worn together with plates inside it, the vest also stops rifle rounds. The vest has saved hundreds of lives over the years because of the protection it offers against bullets. The LSPD uses type III body armor, which protects officers against 9.6g (148gr) 7.62x51mm NATO M80 ball bullets at a velocity of 847 m/s.

General Equipment, Duty Belt
The utility belt, worn around the waist, provides all of an officers equipment within easy-reach.

The utility belt allows for easy management, control, and positioning of most standard police equipment. Located at the waistline, the utility belt allows for convenient and rapid access to vital police equipment. Examples would include a Standard Issue Sidearm, a Taser, pepper spray, handcuffs, radio, and a baton. While seemingly unimportant, the utility belt is an imperative baseline for all equipment, greatly increasing the efficacy of all police endeavors.

General Equipment, S&W Model 100 Handcuffs
The handcuffs can be considered the oldest piece of police personal defense equipment and a tool that keeps suspects safely incapacitated.

Since their invention centuries ago, the basic design has always remained the same. They are used to secure an individual's wrists close together, impeding any attempts at resisting, escaping, or other actions. The Los Santos Police Department commonly use Smith and Wesson Model 100 chained and Model 300 hinged handcuffs during the course of their duties. These handcuffs are nearly indestructible by conventional means, are highly resistant to being lock-picked, and can be adjusted to fit close to any wrist. Officers can carry multiple handcuffs on them depending on personal preference and situations.

Some Metropolitan divisions utilize PlasiCuff style handcuffs. These, essentially akin to plastic zip-ties, function in the same fashion as conventional metal handcuffs.

Personal Defense Weapon, Firearm
Every Law Enforcement Officer is expected to carry a Standard Issue Weapon, a firearm, to apply deadly force to a subject if a situation requires so.

Each Police Officer carries a sidearm authorized by the Department - either a Glock, Beretta, Smith and Wesson, or Kimber, which they must carry at all times whilst on-duty. The Department's armory does not stop there, with a variety of shotguns, sub-machine guns, and assault rifles, also available to officers if the situation deems it appropriate. Assault rifles are more commonly used by Special Weapons and Tactics, however there is an assault rifle placed in every police vehicle since 1997.

Personal Defense Weapon, Baton or Nightstick
The most basic of police equipment, the baton allows for the most basic level of security and suspect compliance.

The baton is one of the oldest pieces of equipment, if you consider it originating when cavemen beat each other with sticks. Batons were first used in Law Enforcement around the 1840s with the stereotypical image of an English Police Officer. They have evolved since then through various phases, culminating in the refined, sleek, black, and metallic baton in use today. The primary baton in usage is the PR-24, a baton used in police departments all over the country. It is connected to a handle piece at a 90 degree angle, allowing the officer more ways to hold the baton. In addition, most models sport a foam grip handle, allowing greater control over the baton. The LSPD's batons come standard with a polycarbonate finish. The baton's primary usage is in suspect compliance and officer safety.

Personal Defense Weapon, Pepperspray
The pepper spray is one of the more obscure piece of equipment in an officer's arsenal, but one of the most useful.

Pepper spray consists of a canister topped with a Long Range Distribution System, allowing the Oleoresin Capsicum (the catalyst agent) to be distributed at a distance of up to 20 feet when activated by the police officer. It contains approximately 300 mL of solution, allowing it to be sprayed for an extended period. Its primary function is in dispersing or pacifying groups of suspects, impairing vision and breathing for up to an hour. It is holstered in the utility belt, allowing for easy and rapid brandishing in situations requiring it.

Personal Defense Weapon, Taser
The Taser is a most modern piece of police personal defense equipment that every police officer is equipped with whilst on general patrol.

It is a so-called 'electroshock weapon', this means that it disables fleeing suspects with an electrical charge which induces a "neuromuscular incapacitation". The Los Santos Police Department uses the X26 Taser, the most advanced taser currently in use. The small device, shaped like a pistol, fires two small darts which have electrodes at the ends, they are connected to the device with a conducting wire. When someone is hit by these two electrodes they receive an electric shock of approximately 50,000 volts; This shock almost immediately incapacitates the person hit by it; disabling them for a number of minutes.

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